Uhai Styling Cream

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  • Uhai Styling Cream

All you need for moisturizing and styling curls and coils.

Why it is special:

  • Water-based styling cream that will hydrate your strands and enhance your curls - whether it be a wash n' go, twists or bantu knots
  • Lauric acid of coconut oil moisturizes hair and shea butter seals in moisture
  • Unique fatty acid profile of baobab oil improves elasticity and suppleness of hair
  • Vitamin B5 adds shine to curls and Vitamin E acts as a protective barrier on the hair to prevent damage

Founder's Note:

  • "Our styling cream is used daily in my household. I have looser Type 3 curls, so I use the Styling Cream after my morning shower to keep my curls moisturized and frizz free.  With my daughter who has tighter Type 4 coils, I use the styling cream to keep her twists and braids moisturized. And when we take down those twists, her curls are still hydrated and defined for a whole new look!"

Designed for curly and coily hair.

How to use:
Apply product to hair as a styling agent. Best results are achieved when applied to damp hair.