• Perfector 777

    Ardell Perfector 777

    Conditions hair as it corrects color. Protects scalp from ammonia and peroxide burn and irritation from perms and color services. Reduces damage from the sun and lessens chances of peroxide damage Evens color and less peroxide damage Evenly...

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  • Ardell Unred

    Ardell Unred Color Corrector

    Compatible with any brand of hair color Works by minimizing brassiness Improves Hi-Lifts Eliminates unwanted red tones from colored hair. Works in all bleaches by minimizing brassiness. Contains ingredients that will help reduce burning and...

    $1.95 - $7.95
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  • Ardell red gold corrector

    Ardell Red Gold Corrector

    Eliminates unwanted harsh red or gold tones Refreshes blonde, gray or white hair Conditions and corrects Extra-strength formula Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus is an extra-strength formula that is used during tinting, bleaching or toning to...

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