Gels & Balms

  • Zerran Firm Hold Gel

    Zerran Firm Hold Gel

    UV and thermal shielding agents enhance this firm support and high volume gel. Non-flaking, alcohol free formula. Firm Gel provides excellent form, firm support and style to your hair. This special alcohol-free formula with natural extracts and...

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  • Crome Super Hold Spike Gel

    Crome Super Hold Spike Gel

    Crome Spike Gel is as stubborn, inflexible and firm as it gets! It’s firm hold grip makes styling a breeze. Put your hair in its place! Defy gravity with this long-lasting hard hold spiking gel that allows you to shape, sculpt, mold, slick or spike...

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  • American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

    American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

    An alcohol-free, light hold, styling gel. American Crew Classic Light Hold Styling Gel provides hair with body, sheen and light-hold. Luxuriously condition your scalp with ginseng and sage extract. The alcohol-free, flake-free formula prevents drying of...

    $19.95 - $35.99
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  • Uhai Edge Gel

    Uhai Edge Gel

    Your favorite edge control, period. Why it is special: Provides long lasting control of your edges with no flaking Lanolin wax ensures your edges are LAID and baobab and castor oil protect your hairline from breakage Founder's...

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  • DevaCurl FlexFactor

    DevaCurl FlexFactor

    Curl Protection & Retention Primer For All Waves, Curls, and Coils FLEX YOUR STYLE Flex your style from blowouts to braids to twist outs and back to your natural texture—while reducing damage by up to 55%! This heat and UV...

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  • Number 4 Support Solution

    Number 4 Support Solution

    Controls and provides stylistic moral support while nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing during styling and restyling ‘til you feel it is time to get out of the car and actually walk into the party. The perfect product for the most tailored of...

    $8.50 - $32.00
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  • Number 4 Firm Hold Gel

    Number 4 Firm Hold Gel

    Achieves style, body, control and shine while keeping things flexible and touchable... oh dear! Pause, gasp and continue reading. Its UV Color Protection Power Shield™ makes a stylistic statement with no stickiness or flaking so you can enjoy it...

    $8.50 - $28.00
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  • Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray

    Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray

    Sugar Texturizing Spray denounces salt while heralding sugar in a declaration of sweet love for hair texture that is perfectly undone. Transform limp, lackluster strands into loose, touchably soft, “beach inspired” waves with a nourishing...

    $8.50 - $28.00
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