• Uhai Conditioner

    Uhai Conditioner

    Nourish hair even more on wash day. Why it is special: Hydrates hair strands leaving them soft and shiny Unique fatty acid profile of baobab oil allows it to both penetrate and coat hair...

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  • Uhai Edge Gel

    Uhai Edge Gel

    Your favorite edge control, period. Why it is special: Provides long lasting control of your edges with no flaking Lanolin wax ensures your edges are LAID and baobab and castor oil protect...

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  • Uhai Oil Blend

    Uhai Oil Blend

    An Allure Best of Clean Beauty Award Winner. Why it is special: Lightweight blend of seven natural and essential oils to calm frizz, add shine and leave your hair and skin soft without any...

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  • Uhai Scalp Serum

    Uhai Scalp Serum

    The ultimate solution for a dry, irritated or itchy scalp. Why it is special: Specially formulated with aloe leaf juice to instantly soothe any itchiness with a refreshing, cool...

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  • Uhai Styling Cream

    Uhai Styling Cream

    All you need for moisturizing and styling curls and coils. Why it is special: Water-based styling cream that will hydrate your strands and enhance your curls - whether it be a wash n' go, twists...

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