Suavecita Semi Permanent Hair Color

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  • Suavecita Semi Permanent Hair Color

Suavecita Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a direct dye cream formula that does not require a developer. Feel good about adding a pop of color to your pre-lightened hair with this conditioner based, vegan and cruelty-free, long-lasting, semi-permanent color line.

Continue to be the artist you are and create your masterpiece using these shades.

No Peroxide
No Ammonia
No Alcohol
No Developer required
Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Woodland is a dark green shade that is as effervescent as a forest. This color matches with your taste for adventure.

Whirlwind is a light smoky grey with depth and substance. This shade is a tornado of satisfying hues that will knock ‘em dead.

Paradox is a bright purple that shines like an amethyst gem. This shade is an absolute dream.

Nebula is a rich midnight blue. So dark and mysterious; this cool tone will take you to another world.

Muse is a fun and radiant cotton candy pink. This shade matches with your warm and bubbly personality.

Mantra is a ruby red shade that will leave you feeling like the little mermaid herself. This fiery red will be sure to turn heads.

Eclipse is a cool toned pitch-black as dark as the moonless night. Turn to this shade for a magical and effortless shine.

Blue Agave is a grey-blue that looks as cool as the ocean. You'll look edgy and effortless.

Rosebud is a grungy pink for those who like to stray from traditional, bubblegum shades.

Poppy is a muted coral shade that adds a hint of brightness but still keeps a bit of mystery.

Wisteria is a stunning pastel purple that will give you a whimsical, ethereal look.

Honeydew is a light green hue that will transport you to an enchanted garden.