Pulp Riot Blank Canvas Direct Dye Remover Packette

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  • Pulp Riot Blank Canvas Direct Dye Remover Packette

What It Is

A color remover fortified with Quinoa, Argan Oils, Aloe Vera and Sorbitol. These add nourishment and increase moisture retention during the color removal process.
They also provide strength and luster to the hair fibers.

What It Does:

Removes Semi-Permanent/ Direct Dye colors

How to use:

  • Mixing Ratio: 1 part Blank Canvas : 3 parts developer
  • Developer: Pulp Riot 6 and 10 volumes are best, and sometimes 20 Volume
  • Hair can be recolored immediately after using Blank Canvas.
  • Be sure to shampoo and rinse thoroughly prior to recoloring.

Audrey Tips:

  • Apply only to areas you want to remove old semi-permanent color as this product will also lighten natural, underlying pigments
  • Process up to 30 minutes at room temperature (do not use heat)