Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion

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  • Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion

Your dry, chapped hands are in desperate need of lotion, but if you stop and apply, your phone will slip right through your hands like soap in the shower. Consider Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion to be like the bluetooth of lotions, instantly enabling moisture and hydration with its nourishing but lightweight, quick-absorbing formula. Containing soothing aloe and smoothing and protecting shea butter, it is designed to feel rich and luxurious without leaving behind a greasy you can instantly answer that text or engage on social media with your freshly nourished hands.

100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free, Paraben Free

How to Use: Apply liberally to hand sand body and look (and feel) good.

Fragrance Notes: A blend of White Freesia, Golden Amber and Warm Musk

All Number 4 Products Contain our NUMBER 4 LIQUID COMPLEX CULTURE

Number 4 Liquid Complex Culture is the backbone of our brand, defining all of our products & drawing upon water & an advanced delivery system that takes beneficial botanical agents & technology to achieve consistent high performance hair care results.

  • Liquid Vibrance Complex: Nutritive to hair and scalp, moisturizes and enhances shine. Contains a blend of vitamins and minerals to restore natural vibrancy. Color protecting. Contains Black Currant, Soy Yogurt, Algae, Yerba Mate
  • Liquid Vitality Complex: Contains potent anti-aging properties which promote and enhance youthful vitality. Rich in antioxidants. Contains Acai Berry, Hibiscus, Mangosteen, Vitamin C
  • Liquid DefenseComplex: Hydrates and strengthens. Repairs damage, revitalizes and restores. Helps protect from the adverse effects of heat styling, chemical processing and environmental factors. Contains Burdock Root, Oolong Tea, Irish Moss, Vegetable Protein
  • Liquid PurityComplex: Sulfate & Sodium Chloride free formulas prevent build-up while protecting color and natural sheen. Contains Lemongrass, Gooseberry, Organic Oatmeal, Golden Seal
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    Now my favorite lotion ever!

    Posted by Simone on Aug 12th 2021

    This smells crazy good and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. It think it has the same fragrance as their leave in conditioner and serum. 10 stars!