VIRAXSHIELD Viral Disruptor Your Invisible Glove

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  • VIRAXSHIELD Viral Disruptor Your Invisible Glove

ViraXShield Your Invisible Glove uses nanoplatelets to disable the virus. When applied to hands, nanoplatelets penetrate the first layer of the epidermis. They will remain lodged in the epidermis for more than four hours and remain active.  The copper and magnesium nanoplatelets utilized are safe for humans, but not for the virus.  These nanoplatelets disable these pathogens by destroying their capsid and viral envelope and disrupting their genetic code, their DNA and RNA, and causing the virus not to be infectious. 

DIRECTIONS: Step 1, Wash your hands using Antibacterial Soap. Step 2, put a small amount of ViraXShield Your Invisible Glove™ on your hands. Spread by rubbing your hands until dry. If hands are washed with soap and water within the 4 hour period, the product will have to be