Vampire Fang Teeth with Thermal Molding Beads

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  • vampire teeth fangs

Easy-to-use vampire teeth with thermal molding beads

How to use:

  • Add a few ounces of hot water to a disposable cup.
  • Drop the adhesive beads into the water and allow them to sit until they go from white to clear
  • Scoop them out and form an egg shape.
  • Place into recesses on fangs and press fangs onto your teeth to make a mold
  • Wait for them to cool slightly and remove
  • Allow to cool completely and then they are ready for use.
  • If they do not fit snugly and stay on, you can place them back in hot water and try molding them to your teeth again

Recommended for Adult use only. Contains small parts. Possible choking and burn hazard. Please use caution when working with hot liquids.