Lanza Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner

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  • Lanza Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner
  • Daily weight-free formula provides noticeable volume and fullness while adding shine.
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, gluten & sodium chloride
  • Daily lightweight conditioner that increases hair density by nourishing hair follicles while adding shine.
  • Contains Organic Bamboo Extract. Bamboo is the world’s richest resource of natural silica – a lightweight mineral vital to creating volume in hair. The Organic Bamboo works from inside the hair fiber by utilizing Nano Science 10² to deliver Bamboo’s abundant silica deep into the cortex. This lightweight silica bonds to the hair’s cortical wall, boosting rigidity and volume. The result is noticeably thicker, fuller hair.
  • All types of hair looking to build body, volume, and fullness.