AG Vita C Reconstruct Strengthening Hair Mask

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  • AG Vita C Reconstruct Strengthening Hair Mask

Reconstruct is an intense and luxurious conditioning treatment formulated to treat extremely dry, damaged or coarse hair. Packed with vitamin C, plant-based squalane, vegetable protein and smoothing shea butter, Reconstruct helps restore moisture, build collagen and add elasticity to dry, damaged hair, leaving it feeling softer, shinier, smoother and more radiant.


Vegan, Strengthens, Repairs, Nourishes, Adds Softness and Shine

Made for:

Dry or Damaged Hair

Made with:

Vitamin C – also known as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stable form of vitamin C, which is an effective moisturizer and antioxidant. Antioxidants protect against free radicals, which cause damage to hair. Vitamin C helps increase collagen that adds elasticity to hair. - Squalane – a sustainable and plant-based lightweight oil that locks in moisture and is a natural antioxidant. - Hydrolyzed vegetable protein – plant-derived, wheat-free protein with an amino acid spectrum similar to keratin. Helps bond, repair and smooth hair while adding strength, elasticity, moisture and shine and protecting against further structural trauma. - Shea butter – super rich and creamy emolient smoothes, moisturizes and conditions.